Violet Knights

The headquarters of the order of the Violet Knights

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  1. J-pop princess
    Humor : uh...wait what?
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    Rank: (✿◠‿◠) "Kawaii~Desu!"
  2. jamester13
    Humor : romantic comedy
    Usergroups: Members
    Rank: Fearless Warrior
  3. Pervy Sage-Silver
    Humor : so a priest a rabi and that's stale.
    Usergroups: Administrators, Banned members
    Rank: Friendly neighborhood admin
  4. shadowing507
    Humor : My caterpie evolved into a metapod if ya know what i mean ;D
    Usergroups: Members, Moderators
    Rank: Moderator
  5. Zima of the data
    Humor : Keyboard not found-press any key to continue.
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    Rank: Moderator



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Retired Staff
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